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A great way to really go local in Helsinki is to visit one of the summer markets around here. Hakaniemi is our favourite, as it's the closest one to us. The only thumbs down part would be that its only organised once per month (the first Sunday of the month), so you have to keep your eyes peeled for the right date and not end up at an empty square (like we might or might not have done today).

Hakaniemi market has recently had something of a rejuvenation with plenty of food stalls being erected in amongst the more traditional handmade goods and locally sourced groceries. We especially appreciate the delicious Churro tent (hands down best warm chocolate in Helsinki served with thin Churros) and and a small Spanish food truck serving well priced bocadillos and coffee. Ñieto's mobile cafe normally has a permanent place in Turku, but we hope that they do stop by here more often too.

Eating at the markets are also quite wallet-friendly as the prices are way lower than what you find in fixed locations around the city. For more traditional Finnish market fare you will also find plenty of tents offering lettus (crepes) or riisipuuro with sugar and cinnamon (rice porridge). There are actually so many of these stops that we would wish that some of them at least would try to be a bit more original with their servings (the standard being crepes with cheap strawberry jam and cream). 

Hakaniemi market would without doubt be our regular Sunday breakfast hangout, but as they only organise it once per month we find us repeatedly looking at the calendar and wishing that the selected dates are sunny ones. If you are visiting Helsinki during these dates, we recommend that you stop by. We can even high-five by a hot cup of chocolate. ;)

Hakaniemi Market opening times 2016

This summer the market is on the following days (open from 10 - 16):

  • Thursday 5.5.2016 (this one is an exception as the weekend is Vappu Carnival
  • Sunday 5.6.2016
  • Sunday 3.7.2016
  • Sunday 7.8.2016
  • Sunday 4.9.2016

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