Winter in Helsinki: tropical brunch

Winters are tricky in Helsinki, and most of us tend to spend a lot of time indoors. A great way to escape the winter blues, for a short moment at least, is to go and have a DIY breakfast/brunch over at the Winter Garden by the Töölö lake.

The winter garden is situated on a small rise behind the lake (from the center) in a beautiful glass greenhouse built in 1893. It is open on weekends between 12-16, and offers a great and colorful escape from the surrounding drabness. 

You are totally allowed to bring your own food to the winter garden, and there are several tables and chairs you can use to put up your own little brunch. Sundays tend to be quite busy, with plenty of people (especially families) coming for a moment of relax. But don't worry, even if all the tables are full you can just spend time slowly walking around and enjoying the plants and the beautiful architecture. 

For whom?

Go here if you like lush green plants, pleasant temperatures and moist air (who doesn't). Only thing missing is the sound of birds. 


Especially nice when there is a bit of sunshine, as you can just close your eyes and for a moment imagine that you are somewhere far away where you can't afford to travel at the moment.


Hammarskjöldintie 1, Töölö.


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